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Teacher’s Lasting Gift

15 July

Teacher's lasting giftA teacher’s lasting gift might not always be the one you want to remember!

It’s a shocking fact that not all teachers are equal but they do all leave a lasting impression. My own nemesis was Miss Gardner – I can see her now, after more than 55 years, I was only 6 years old.

This week in an EFT Coaching Session with a client, I uncovered an old memory of a teacher making fun of her because of something she did (she was 5/6). By laughing and making fun of her the teacher basically gave the class permission to bully her for the rest of her school days leaving her to feel isolated, insecure, shy and lonely. Even now, it’s hard for to feel she can fit in a team and feel included and loved.

It took a lot of detective work to find these hidden memories, that’s where the trust factor comes in with the client/therapist. We have worked together, steadily, over a few weeks until she felt safe enough to talk about her deeper wounds. Those that really hurt are tucked away safely in deep recesses.

That’s where my strengths come in handy. It’s helpful being intuitive! I can hone into a situation and gently remind or prompt the client and uncover buried treasure! That’s when we get real work done!

And that’s the wonder of this work! I love my job!

I love my job!

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