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Times of Transition

23 December

Times of Transition
Clients are always surprised when I make a suggestion that they have never considered – One man lost about 30 pounds really quickly and very easily when I suggested he stop eating root vegetables. Another client was amazed how much better she felt not eating chicken! Wheat, Dairy and Sugar are the one’s we think about but my dowsing can pick up other “nasties” that we wouldn’t think about. Hey – I’m not saying don’t consult the Dr if you are not well. I am saying there are lots of ways you can help yourself with a little help.
It doesn’t change the fact that you may need to do something drastic but at least you can do it from a practical place without the emotional charge being so high!
Inspired Guidance is about using my ability to tap into your situation and assist with practical, grounded and easy steps. I use EFT (tapping) with you to clear the emotional charge around the drama that’s creating the stress so that you can see the woods for the tree’s!
Here’s what a client said earlier this week!
“Christine works with a number of modalities which she uses really affectively in her work. I am transitioning from twenty years of safe, secure, employment into working for myself. Whilst mentally I can justify my feelings, emotionally I have been fearful, which has presented subconsciously in my sleep patterns. Christine has helped me shift my fear and the areas that I am hesitant about.
It’s amazing, how my energy changed throughout her session to a more calm approach – trusting myself and seeing what I am capable of. Thank you Chris.”
Barbara Cooper Educational Consultant. Hong Kong

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