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Total Overwhelm

14 September

Are you dealing with total overwhelm and stress?

Has life become too much to cope with?

Are you easily affected by life in general?

Our daily coping skills are nothing short than amazing! Multi-tasking becomes a way of life for many of us. One stress to many can easily tip the balance and we have a serious case of total overwhelm and stress! And it’s usually something that’s so silly that makes the load just too heavy to carry anymore and you flip out!

Personally, I can go into heavy duty crying mode when I over stretched myself and it can be devastating, not just for me but also for anyone near me. It has also taken me days to recover from the emotional ravaging that happens during the events. It’s exhausting and there’s usually quite a lot of self-blame that goes on too. Could have, Should have, Ought to have done, blah, blah, blah!

As hard as that is to hear, you do have a choice. Believe me, it took me long enough to realize myself. I would get angry when anyone said those words. But I did and I do constantly need to be conscious of what I am eating, wearing, using, saying, thinking as well as where I am walking, shopping, living etc. We can make a huge difference just by making different choices!

Over the years I have worked hard to find my own and I know without any doubt that they are critical contributions to my wellbeing. 

  • food triggers,
  • environmental triggers,
  • emotional triggers
  • own self-sabotage trigger.

An awful lot of loaded guns, all just waiting to shoot me in more than the foot! This is where my intuition and countless years of experience comes in handy!

Thank God I found EFT/Tapping. It’s been a game changer for me and I can only wonder what life would have been like had I not decided that I had had enough of living that way. Look, it’s not a quick fix, it does require a commitment and decision to move forward.

Let’s take look at your stresses, those things that make everything worse and find ways of eliminating them and coming up with new choices.

  • Let’s work on the underlying causes so we can clear them.
  • Let’s set up a self help program for you that’s easy, doable and get’s results.
  • Let’s work together to bring balance back into the equation and restore peace.

It sounds like a big job, but we just take one step at a time! You’ll be amazed at the progress!

Are you ready to join me? Book a session and let’s get started! Contact me NOW

What I do - Intuitive, Transformational Healer

What I do – Intuitive, Transformational Healer

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