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Are you ready for transformation

09 July

Ready for transformationWhat if you don’t know what you want?

It’s a great question that you’re often asked – What do you want?

After talking to hundreds of clients I think it’s safe to say more people don’t know what they want than those that do!

How can I find out what I want?

1) You know what you don’t want! I’m pretty sure that you know what’s not working, you know what makes you feel upset, hurt, angry and even depressed.

2) You know what helps when you feel any of the above – Your dog or animal, walking, running, the sea, lake – water. You know you love football or tennis, yoga or reading, cooking, movies – something that takes you away from what you don’t like.

3) You know your not happy with your relationship or you haven’t got a relationship.

4) You aren’t happy with your job or you haven’t got a job!

The list can go on – so that’s where to start – you list of all the issues that you have with your life.

Now you’ve got that big list of don’t wants, lets turn it around and think about what you want to exchange it for and remember that the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe you don’t need to leave your wife, girlfriend or job!

Buy a notice board or a picture frame – even a cork board or large piece of cardboard can do the job. Get yourself a bunch of magazines catalogues and design the life you have only dreamt of before. Find happy pictures of your family loved ones. Let’s create a beautiful picture of how it could be if it were perfect!

Sounds twee? You’ve done it before? Are you ready for transformation? Well do it again! Maybe you’re in a better place to manifest what it is that you want for yourself, your family, your business!

My business is to get you past those old belief systems that have kept you a prisoner to what you learnt as a kid. Those old paradigm’s that control you on a subconscious basis that keep you limited and trapped. I’d be happy to talk you you and discuss how I can help transform your life and take you to where you can believe that you are worth having what you want!

email me – #amalaspeaks

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