Visiting Guest Practitioner at Retreats & Hotel Spas

Visiting Guest Practitioner

Christine Amala is a popular international “Guest Practitioner” in demand at highly acclaimed 5 star Resorts and Spa’s as part of their holistic calendar program. These Award-winning hotels are noted as major forerunners in the holistic healing and wellness field offering this highly beneficial service as an additional in demand service to their existing spa menu.

Offering Something Very Special

An invitation to be the “expert in the field” is an accolade in itself and further recognition of Christine Amala’s work that offers a 5 star client service. She is a valuable asset to the resort and easily adapting her abilities and talents to bring that extra special something to the luxury spa guest who is both demanding and discerning.

Mentor and Trainer

It’s not all about the guest, Christine continues with her earlier background as a successful trainer in the exclusive 5 star hospitality world, to mentor management and employees within the resort and spa, bringing stability and focus to the team. She offers training and guidance that is valuable and beneficial long after she has gone home.

Six Senses Spa - Maldives

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