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Want to change my life but don’t know how

14 July

Want to change my life but don’t know how!

Wonder why you keep getting the same tired results in your life?

Are you worn out with the “same old same old” story?

Difficult feet!I’ve had a problem for most of my life finding shoes that fit. I’ve spent a fortune on “good” brands only to discard them because they are not comfortable. I have given so many away because they turn out to be duds!

Imagine my surprise in a shoe shop, the customer service girl proceeded to rip out the laces so she could re-do them from the factory setting, explaining she had found that by changing the lacing she could make them much more comfortable and better fitting and she felt sure that this would work well for me. And guess what she was right! They fit perfectly and yes I bought them.

Here I am at the age of almost 60 learning to adjust my shoes, what occurred to me later was how this applies to life! How many adjustments we can make that literally transform the outcomes!

How many of you are still tying your laces just how your Mum or Dad showed you as a child? This is called sub-concious programming, we learnt it from our parents, and not all of it was because we were shown or told. We are like sponges learning patterns and paradigms that will serve us for the rest of our lives. They may or may not have been good role models, they were just doing the best they could with the information they had been given by their parents, who also may or may not have been good role models!

Now we know that we can change the laces that’s all well and good but I learnt from further experimenting in my new shoes this Adjustmentweek that there is a period of adjustment. If they are too loose they can easily give you a blister and if they are too loose, they can just as easily give you a blister.

In my last post I asked you to identify what you are not happy about and begin to think about what you do want in your life.

If your tired of always arguing, adjust your reaction or who you interact with!

If you don’t want to feel a certain kind of way – what’s causing it? Food? Drink? A person? A job? Identifying the problem is just the start and I’ve talked about that in my earlier blog.

What i want you to think about today is –“What thought or belief is it possible to adjust today?

Keep it simple!

Make it achievable and keep on doing it. Even a small change in our direction will change our destination!

Louise Hay asks us to practise loving and approving of ourselves and that’s a great place to start! Say it everyday, over and over again, remember you are re-programming yourself!

Bob Proctor’s bible is “As a man thinketh” by Napolian Hill – It’s small and incredibly easy to read and believe!

So come on, let’s loosen up our preconceived ideas and beliefs, our parents way of thinking! Let’s break free and be prepared to be astounded with what we can do differently!

Maybe you don’t think it’s as easy as all that, well it’s my job to take you by the hand and lead you through those old streets and avenues to clear away the junk that we have accumulated from all those years of programming. I’m really good at getting to the heart of the matter and making a difference, we can make real progress together.

Get in touch and let’s discuss where I might help you to begin this exciting new phase in your life! Read about my success stories


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