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What I would do differently

05 January

NSPIRED GUIDANCE AVAILABLE NOWI was just wondering to myself what I would do differently then than I would now because I haven’t always been doing what I do now.
In the late 1980’s I had a demanding job that was responsible for several departments with a lot of staff and a huge budget to reach. It’s funny to think of now but the first time I did the budget planning I sat at my kitchen table over the weekend with paper, pencil, rubber and a calculator and just couldn’t balance the final figure so too it reluctantly to the accountant on the Monday who looked at me as if I was from out of space and laughed! Personally I didn’t think it was that funny! It took her less that 15 minutes to put everything I had down on a spread sheet and come up with an answer and that was my intro to excel! lol
I was stressed for many of the next few year to put it mildly. I suffered badly with PMT’s, didn’t sleep well, cried a lot and had very little life other than work.
1)What I didn’t know was that I was incredibly gluten intolerant and every time i placed even a grain in my mouth it would create a chain reaction which resulted in my not coping emotionally. It was probably 5 years later before I was tested for allergies! 20 years ago it was almost impossible to find anything gluten free so I decided to ignore it – as you do! Until I was so miserable I thought I’d try and see for a week if it would make a difference and boy was I in for a shock.
That’s one thing I’d do differently – I’d go for tests earlier (a good kinesiologist can help here) and I wouldn’t even try to cheat because it’s just not worth how I feel afterwards! It’s taken me years to realize that! lol
2) I’ve realized too that even though it invariably feels like whatever is going on is directed at you, it’s usually nothing to do with you personally. This is a kernel of wisdom that should be announced on loud speakers – IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! I know it feels like it is! I’ve thought that my whole life. You have a story that you attach to whatever is presenting itself and depending at what age you experienced this “drama” is how you will respond. Don’t loose sleep over it! Learn to let it go.
3) I didn’t know about Emotional Freedom Technique, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Massage, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Acupuncture, Herbs or Nutrition! It just wasn’t in my awareness or part of my families lifestyle. Thankfully things have changed and all of these are much more available. If money is tight look for a school and check out what they offer for their students practice. I love going to the local collage for massage. I also found a community acupuncture clinic that’s been a God send! You can always ask if someone is open to exchange too – offer a swop of skills, that can work too.
4) Most importantly I’ve realized that it all happens pretty damn fast! I realized I could actually attend the local Senior’s keep fit class which is probably all I can manage after my sciatica escapade. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a fabulous life, I just think I could have made it easier for myself – that’s all.
Don’t sweat the small stuff – take more vacations, make more friends, love love love and love some more!

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