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When things don’t go as planned

21 November

Christine AmalaThings don’t always go as planned – but there’s always a plan, it’s just sometimes not what we expect!
At the same Chelsea Hotel I recruited a new young enthusiastic and dynamic lad for a key position in the management team. Once again it was a gamble that paid off as far as the hotel was concerned. On a personal level he was probably one of the biggest challenges I ever had. He didn’t play by the rules, or at least any rules that were in my book. His attitude was I’ll do what I feel like needs to be done and then Christine can sort it out if it doesn’t work out! He drove me crazy!
One weekend I was visiting a friend and I shared my wrath and frustration with her. She asked what it was that upset me the most and it was simply that he didn’t follow the rules. What rules she asked? Good question – well any rules I said! To cut a long story short we held a ceremony where I took all of the rule books off my inner shelves, ripped them to shreds and burned them. It was painful, I’d lived by rules all of my life, I liked rules they had always worked for me! But not anymore and not since either. (although I sometimes try to go back there!)
Monday morning I went into work and found sitting in my office the same manager waiting for me. Good start to the week I thought! He asked if I would go for coffee with him and went on to say he had realized over there weekend that he felt depressed and didn’t enjoy his job anymore. Being a realist I suggested that this was not a good place to be in and that he should begin thinking of how he could make changes. He was a step ahead of me – he had his resignation letter in his pocket!
Afterwards I realized that he had served his purpose, he’d got me to change the way I thought and so he could go off and find his new job! What an Angel in disguise! Makes me look twice when something I resist comes up and think about what might be lurking in the corner and how it might serve me to think differently – what lesson is there to learn and how I can transform it? There’s always another side!

I know which side made me happier and it wasn’t by sticking to the rule!

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