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Wishing You A Prosperous Year of The Goat

05 March





Wishing you a Prosperous
Year of the Goat
Life doesn’t always go according to plan!
No matter how well you plan ahead sometimes things just don’t work out the way you expect them too! I’ve just got back from my three week trip to Hong Kong, it certainly wasn’t what I expected. At this time of the year Hong Kong is cold, damp awfully polluted and not good for someone who has asthma. Not surprisingly after a week, I was suddenly struck down with a severe flu with all the symptoms (painful body – headaches – temperature and cough!) Thankful I was staying with Dr. Susan Jamieson who sorted me out instantly and put me straight to bed with appropriate Vitamin C, Medicine and TLC.
Do you know about the Bio-mat?  I’m convinced that sleeping on a low setting helped to speed my recovery. Read the information or contact me for a chat if your interetsed. The large size is a big investment but wonderful for clients and self healing. The mini mat is portable and can be used in an office or easy chair, it’s especially good for anyone who finds it hard to get about or who are in pain. A client purchased one for her elderly dog and said that it was a miracle how much more energy the dog from spending time curled up on the mat.
As soon as I was up and about Dr. Sue sent me to see Peter Yeung a young talented acupuncturist that really knows his stuff! Not only did he help me to recover faster he also helped me with my swollen and painful ankle from my recent fall – WOW. Miraculous! I can’t see him here but I’ve already booked for more sessions with a local acupuncture clinic. 
Determined to get back in the saddle asap I used all of the tools I could think of! Buteyko Breathing is an amazing technique for anyone who has asthma, high blood pressure or anything else for that matter! This has been a huge success for me and worth every minute that I’ve spent at night doing my exercises while watching TV! I highly recommend this process and believe you will never regret learning how to do it. 
Anyone who knows me will tell you that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I just go hand in hand. Since learning it back in 2003 I have used it daily and it wasn’t just because I was coughing! There was a whole lot of blaming going on while I was sick. I should of, could have, ought to have. I was angry at why I was creating this for myself! Plenty of Tapping on all that comes to the surface and that’s the great thing about EFT, it’s easy to do anywhere any place andy time! I’ve just added Matrix Reimprinting to my EFT repertoire which make a session feel like it’s on steroids! Fantastic results and even better than straight EFT if that’s possible1 I love walking the talk! 
​If you have had a set back or a complication in your life and things are not going according to plan BOOK A SESSION with me, I can support you in ways that you may never have considered!
Feedback @ The Sanctuary, Hong Kong
​Even with my “Flu” it was such a joy to be back in Hong Kong and especially to work with my friend Phil Davies who has created a beautiful healing space in the heart of this frenetic city.
There were lots of lovely people that came to see me for Inspired Guidance Sessions and everyone came prepared which helps enormously. I always ask that clients think about what it is they want answers on before they come and bring a list with them to help them focus. It works so much better for everyone, it means we can be laser like and focus on what matters! The appropriate guide turns up and streams the information though that is important, useful and very often completely different to what you might think.
Have you attended one of my workshops? The Mother Whale Meditations are a huge favourite in Hong Kong especially, in part because they were born there. The vibrational attainment that takes place during this time is profound, there wasn’t one person that didn’t have tremendous feedback and they all booked a private session.
​My other favourite was the full day workshop that I’ve facilitated a number of times but this time we focused on the heart as it was almost Valentines day. It was a small intimate gathering that jelled well and created a heart connection that moved us all in a profound way. There was channelled guided meditation and the very special Mother Whale Sacred Tones to take us to new levels of awareness, EFT to remove the blocks that keep us stuck in the old belief system and finally creating a sacred personal heart mandala to take home and continue the healing. Time flew and everyone was full of posative feed back!​
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February Blog Post Round-ups!
10 Suggestions for 
Natural Pain Relief
It’s hard to imagine what it is like to live with intense pain every single day. In an extreme case my Mum had a very dear friend that sadly committed suicide because she could no longer cope with the pain she suffered with in her face and head. Her team of doctors had literally given up on her and she had no knowledge of alternative or complementary treatments (small rural town 20 years ago). I remember thinking that had I known I could have suggested Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture or EFT but finances, availability and lack of awareness may have been issues.  We’ve come a long way since then but there are still many that suffer without realizing there is much they can do for themselves.
How To Relieve Pain with EFT (Tapping)
Tapping Solutions

When there is pain in the body it’s often hard to think that there is a solution other than a “Pain Killer”. I know that when I recently fell and injured my ankle I was certainly glad to have access to Ibuprofen and didn’t care what it might or might not do long term. I was only interested in what it could do for the pain! Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping as it’s also known can make a considerable difference to the level of pain. I’ve tried it myself and I’ve used the process with clients and had fantastic results. Gary Craig the founder of EFT suggests that EFT is very effective even when we use very simple statements and “The EFT Approach Often Works Where Nothing Else Will. Newcomers are often astonished at how quickly pain can subside with EFT.

 Broken Hearted Pain Relief with EFT

Aches and pains in the body are often easier to deal with than emotional pain. Anyone who has ever felt broken hearted knows that pain relievers don’t take horrible gut wrenching ache away. Heartbreak comes in many forms too. You may have been left by a lover or partner. It could be your parents that have split up and you’re the victim of their parting. It may be the grief of losing someone you love to illness or by accident.  The emotional pain of physical or mental abuse carries emotional pain that’s thankfully for most hard to comprehend but in reality the result is the same – you feel bereft, inconsolable and in enormous emotional pain.

Yours Always
Christine Amala
With my visionary spiritual tools and the inspirational information that comes through me, I motivate, educate and transform people of Influence so they can influence the world.





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